Finish Gloss & Shine


Finish Gloss & Shine is suitable to polish all current car paint systems. Finish Gloss & Shine is optimal to eliminate swirl-marks, holograms and fade-out areas, in order to achieve a smooth transition into not sprayed areas (especially on dark or black colors). For manual and machine processing.


Finish Gloss & Shine is a special high-gloss-sealer and polish for polishing and sealing old and new surfaces on vehicles to a brillant result. Finish Gloss & Shine achieves an excellent high-quality result especially on dark colors. It removes swirl-marks and holograms as well as grease. It does not leave any smearing areas. Finish Gloss & Shine does not contain any silicone or wax.

Handling device

CP E-Polisher.
Finish Foam black.
Car Clean Micro (microfibre cloth).
Car Polish Roll.
Car Clean Polish Box.



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